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3 Covid-19 Measures That Ghanaians Do Not Understand And Would Never Obey

When Ghana was hit by the pandemic some few months ago, some citizens never believed it to date and would never do because they feel the government is telling lies about the situation. At least if you do not believe it, there has been some people who contracted the virus and gave their experience on how when you contract the virus you would feel.

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Well, though people have given their account on what they went through when they contracted the virus, some people are still not convinced enough so they still go about their normal lives as if there is nothing at stake. In view of this, the government came up with the safety measures for people comply with so that majority of the people would not contract the virus. There are 3 major Covid-19 measures that most Ghanaians are not adhering to. 

First of all, the wearing of the face mask. Now when you go outside majority of the people are not wearing the face mask anymore and when you ask them why, they tell you they are fed up with wearing it and that they cannot breathe when they wear it. This is quite disturbing because if an infected person coughs or sneeze and the droplets come out of the person and lands on you you would definitely get it.

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Secondly, there is no social distancing. Ever since the government lifted some restrictions on the public gatherings that one can now host a number of people at a time, social distancing is not observed. You would go to a funeral or wedding ceremony and you would see people close to each other as if the coronavirus is no more. Some commercial transport systems are also loading their vehicles to full capacity instead of reducing the number to curb the spread of the virus.

Lastly, the washing of hands. When you go to most cooperate institutions they have soap and the Veronica bucket filled with water for customers and visitors to wash their hands before touching or entering the premises just to stop the spread of the virus. Some recalcitrant would rather challenge that they have already washed their hands before coming but you still have to wash again since you would not know if you have touched something which has been infected with the virus. When Ghanaians take these measures very serious, our case counts would reduce because at the moment, Ghana is spearheading the virus in Africa. 


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