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Actress Zynnell Zuh replies Nana Akua Addo’s audio

Zynnell Zuh, Bibi Bright, Nana Akua Addo and Selly Galley

Last week, actress Bibi Bright went gaga on instagram writing damaging things about her colleague, Nana Akua Addo.

According to Bibi Bright, she told Nana Akua Addo her private matter while trusting her not to repeat it to others but she couldn’t keep her mouth mute and made it public so she had to go after her on instagram for the world to know her true colours.
Her uproar sparked a lot of controversies in the showbiz industry. Twenty four hours after Bibi  Bright put her former friend on blast, she deleted the posts without giving reasons. Bibi during her instagram rants mentioned several celebrities she alleged that Nana Akua Addo has spoken ill about them to other industry players.
Not just that, she accused Nana Akua Addo of also working against some actors from getting movie roles.
One of the tall list of public figures she mentioned during her instagram rant was rep Zynnell Zuh.
After days of keeping quiet since Bibi exploded on instagram Actress Zynnell Zuh postedon her Instagram page to address the issues Nana Akua Addo said in a leaked audio about she Zynnell Zuh.

After listening 2 this audio,I’v decided 2 speak up.Nana Akua Addo u call me stupid and childish?if I say I was moved when I heard it I’d be lying.I’m glad I don’t have 2 call u same bcos U have proven on countless occasions dat U are the dumb and childish do u intend 2 go about the court proceedings as bellyblaze?Dumb ass move.Start thinkn and whiles U are it pls make available the video U are talking about 4 people 2 see.For d record I’m not doing this bcos u insulted me.No!Your insults don’t get 2 me or change who I am n dat is why Iv always ignored U and the derogatory things you’v been saying about me.its sad how desperation will drive pple to drag your hard work,reputation n image through the mud bcos they want to rise 2 the top without working hard.They want to rise 2 the top by propagating lies,deceiving people,living fake lives etc.My darling your cup is full.i hardly speak up about things but I won’t let this slide.2yrs ago Nana Akua called 2 tell me sthg and later denied it when asked about it.i won’t go into the details of dat.i was shocked and told her to stay away from me n never call me again.This girl has been bad-mouthing me since then.Early this year at an event she told @sellygalley she wanted 2talk 2 me but I said NO bcos I had no plans of associating myself with her and the drama that comes with her friendship.Lots of fake Instgram accounts tag and insult me on their pages.iv never reacted,I just block them.The bad-mouthing got so bad dat@yemmeybaba called me oneday to ask me wat exactly I had done wrong 2 Nana for her 2 seize every opportunity 2 slander me.Search me.Stop Sowing seeds of discord amongst us and in the industry.No one envies u my dear.i dont a make a living by SLAYING.I make a decent living from acting,producing movies and other businesses.Slaying comes effortlessly.And if I’v earned recognition from it,its been effortless n not bcos I’v taken it world cup the way U have.if I decide 2 give reasons why I don’t envy u,I won’t finish today.i don’t even have d time.I have tons of voluminous law books 2 read n don’t get enough sleep.i feel so sad 4 u.U are a such a terrible person,My God!Pls change.I’ll be praying 4 u 🙏

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