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African Fashion Foundation & The Lotte Accra to Launch Kayayei Fashion Training Programme

The African Fashion Foundation and the Lotte Accra have collaborated to create a project that aims to empower, equip and encourage young street females by pairing them up with some great talents in the fashion accessory and garment industry in West Africa for a Skills-Exchange Programme. With the support of the Adonai Child Development Foundation (ACDF), the aim is to present a collaborative new collection. The young street women (Kayaye) will be working with the designers to be trained in key sewing and production skills whilst contributing to a collection that will be showcased internationally.

This project is a social impact venture to empower the kayayei woman and to show a way that fashion can be used for good. This inaugural collection will kickstart on going partnership with the Adonai Child Development and the Kayayei women to equip them with key skills and reintegrate them back into the community. In a recent report that included a group discussion with 36 Kayayei in Accra, participant stated they live wherever they can find somewhere to lay their heads and in most cases this is in open stations making themselves susceptive to health and safety dangers. Teaching them a skill puts them in a better position to make a consistent and reliable income which eventually get them off the street.

ACDF will be supporting the girls in this process and helping to find safe accomodation. The final collection, ‘Kayayei Collection” will be showcased and made available for purchase at the Lotte retail space in Accra, following the presentation in Lagos, Dubai and New York. The Kayayei collection designers will consist of the following designers:

Ophelia Crossland: The Ophelia Crossland brand is synonymous to elegance, sultry flair and extravagant drama. This household in the fashion industry has made it’s mark as the go-to brand for elaborate design and styling. It was a step in the right direction when Ophelia Crossland, the creator of the brand was made brand ambassador for Swarovski.

Velma’s Millinery and Accessories: Velma’s Millinery work is a cut above the average! Think bold yet elegant, intricate details yet comfortable, demure yet sophisticated when you think Velma’s headpieces, hats and fascinators. Once again Velma relies on her creative genuis to combine various materials, shapes and styles to create fashion masterpieces guaranteed to turn heads.

Torlowei: Torlowei is an all encompassing fashion house based in Lagos, Nigeria – the first registered lingerie manufacturer in Nigeria. The brand’s aesthetics is based on the marriage of luxury materials with body friendly silhouettes that all men and women regardless of their shape, size and skin tone. Furthemore, sustainability and ethical practice form the heart of our operations through the use of recycled fibres, biodegradable and the payment of living wages in comfortable working conditions.

The key partners and their details are listed below: African Fashion Foundation (AFF): African Fashion Foundation is an organization that empowers fashion designers from Africa and it’s diaspora to succeed in the global fashion industry and market. By providing designers with education opportunities in partnership with established players in the fashion industry. African Fashion Foundation supports African designers professional success. Our vision is to see more successful African designers in the global fashion industry and luxury market.

The Lotte: As a concept store, the Lotte is a centre for artistic expression, not only through uniquely created merchandise but through signature customer experience., installations and branded events. A distinctive positive voice representing high quality African goods and lifestyle for local and international consumption, and represent different aspect of Neo-African development in taste, style and culture.

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