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Prince Harry and Meghan Markel to Step Back as Senior Members of the Royal Family

Posted on the official Sussex Instagram page and the website, the royal couple (Prince Harry and Meghan Markel) made the announcement of stepping back to become financially independent, whilst still throwing support at the Majesty. “We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal family and work to …

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The Diaspora Dialogues Visionary Creator Koshie Mills Receives a Standing Ovation for her Groundbreaking Talk Show in Los Angeles

Hollywood Power Broker Creator and Executive Producer Koshe Mills presented a live audience taping of her groundbreaking cultural talk show series “The Diaspora Dialogues” Live on Friday, 1st November at the Califonia African American Meseum. The show and movement is designed to bridge the gap between Africans from Africa and …

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Hannah Ofosu Oware represents GHANA in AMSTERDAM at the ‘Face of Melanin Wonder 2019’.

A young beautiful Ghanaian based Amsterdam model by name Hannah Ofosu Oware,born in Accra-Ghana is competing in this years campaign to be the female face of Melanin Wonder brand. Melanin Wonder is a Netherlands based online magazine created with the intent to highlight social issues affecting the African youth diaspora.Interestingly,Miss …

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