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Covered by His Mighty Wings; The Story of Abigail Coleman

Abigail Coleman is a woman full of passion and compassion.
Passion for music that glorifies the Lord and compassion for her fellow humans who seek to find their way to God.
She lives in Canada with her family and leads worship in an Apostolic Church, where her powerfully prophetic voice carries the raw intensity and faith with which she pursues the Lord and confidence she gains in His presence.

Abigail grew up in a musical home and has been involved in worship ministry since she was a child. She’s really touched many lives with her gift and has brought many to Christ. She ministered in Ghana and in the UK before moving to Canada.

Abigail’s story is one she terms “Covered by His Mighty Wings”.
Her journey as a gospel singer actually took off when she meet Kiki Banson some 13 years ago. At that time, he was working on a record. Kiki believed Abigail could write songs and urged her to do so. Abigail bought into his belief in her and contributed to some of which were included on Becca’s first Album.

After working on that album with Kiki, Abigail had a deep revelation which turned her life around. She felt the call to minister through song. Since her childhood, Abigail has always felt she was destined to be called to the ministry. So, when she had the revelation, she felt a profound sense in her spirit to follow that call.

This was a hard and difficult decision to make but her family and Kiki Banson encouraged her to follow the call to minister through her singing. It has taken 13 years of taking the road less travelled, plodding through the thick and thin and through the highs and lows to finally get here.

With this album, Abigail also seeks to mesh her passion, compassion and the story of her life. As one hears her sing, the underlying message will be that, when one chases a dream with passion and shows compassion for all others, the Dear Lord himself will spread his mighty wings to cover and to lead and when He does call, He will open the way that leads to the realization of that dream

Abigail wants to use her story to encourage others never give up and to keep holding on to those dreams. She wants to tell anyone willing to listen to heed the call no matter how impossible it may seem and above all to work hard, learn the process and be excellent.

Then at the end of the day, He covers us all with his mighty wings, even as he covered Abigail.

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