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D-Black speaks on how he feels when people underestimate him

It is often good to allow people to look down on you thinking you have nothing important to offer or bring to the table and before they realize you hit them with a big surprise and they all want to come to your side now.

D-Black has been one of those Ghanaian rappers who has been underestimated for his rapping skills but one thing he surely has that most of his doubters don’t have is, his business minds and putting deals together for his company and artists. He is one of the if not the only artist, signing all the major deals across the world with big brands.

He has set that mark of delivering on his promise for most of the business out there, so the keep coming back for his services always fetching him some big checks.

He posted this words on his instagram page, READ below and be motivated to not let your doubters thought of you get to you, just do you!

‘I love it when people underestimate me. Seeing the stupid look on their faces when they realise who they really dealing with is fvkn priceless to me


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