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Take it or leave, Afia Schwarzengger has been such a strong woman in the media fraternity, from fighting rejections and standing firmly on her feet to become one of the most celebrated female comedian/actor/presenter Ghana ever seen in recent times.

But, you know she has a unique way of creating controversies and turning that into positive vibes to impact society especially her large followers on social media.

She decided to write a simple but very wise letter to all young couples who are planning to get married on how to stay focus on the marriage keeping it simple so the two of you can be happy and not necessarily paying attention to what society will say because after the everything is said and done, everyone will go home and it will be left with just the two of you to handle the debts after.

SwagofAfrica has the gist always for you, READ:

After reading about 12 of the same messages…let me reply yall here
Marriage is not a competition, neither is it a point proving action…it is a lifetime decision to stick together with someone thru thick and thin
I am going to take you thru some easy steps that will make your wedding/marriage ceremony stress free
1. CREATE YOUR THEME. ..except someone give me a manual for wedding I think your wedding is to make you happy not miserable…it must fit in your budget,the fact that so so and so had this on their wedding doesn’t necessarily means you should do the same…people are breaking up relationships becos the guy is not ready to spend his hard earn money on nonsense and i say nonsense becos who on earth after her wedding goes to a party/funeral/redcarpets wearing her wedding gown??? So why spend thousands of dollars/cedis on?? I also want to ask everyone but the Akans….why Kente???Every Ghanaian bride is wearing kente as if it is a wedding uniform,there are a lot of pretty fabrics that are more expensive/classier than kente,
We also have our local prints;very affordable that speaks volume than why is every bride wearing Kente…please think out of the box and wow your man with intelligence..

Before meeting a wedding planner you should read and know exactly what you want and what is not necessary…from the day the dude propose till u walk the aisle…please read . research on Google. The wedding planners have very good taste but please oo have u thought of the future of that marriage??? Paying 15,000 or 10,000 for wedding decor is not a big deal at all…But ask yourself after posting pictures on social media with the usual comments “wow nice,lovely,beautiful couple” what else can u do with the expensive decor???
Let me give u a free lecture on business…that 15000 can buy a hyndai Atos and operate as taxi/Uber…and bring you profits.I am not saying don’t do decor or rent venue…but if you are clearing your account to please society then be worried…if you are taking a loan to please society then you are very very stupid…
To be continued..
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