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Elections are not for citizens. Elections are for those who qualify to vote (electorate) – Kofi Bentil

If you allow someone who isn’t qualified, to vote then you have wasted your time and cancelled your vote- Kofi Bentil

There is no law that stops you from staying at the polling station to observe the process – Kofi Bentil

There is no law against filming the whole electoral process- Kofi Bentil


Vice President of IMANI Ghana has urged electorate in the upcoming elections to stay at their polling stations and film the electoral process after casting their vote.
According to Kofi Bentil, a filming chain will give electorate the power to contest the election results should there be any discrepancies.
He added that the only way to ensure a credible election is for the voters to police their ballot.
“There is no law against filming the whole electoral process. You don’t need to interfere in the process. The effect of it is that you have evidence on tape even if they shut down the internet,” Mr. Bentil said at a public lecture organised by the Let My Vote Count Alliance in Accra.
Ghana goes to the polls on December 7, to elect a president and Parliamentarians. The frontrunners are President John Mahama of the ruling NDC and Nana Akufo-Addo of the NPP, who is making a third attempt at the Flagstaff House.
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Checkout pictures from the press Launch held at Alisa Hotel.

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