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The Most BEAUTIFUL gal in KENYA csoyrrsxgaag2kg


The most handsome GUY in KENYA

csodsflweaaz40kSocial media can sometimes get fun and interesting when you have an interesting topic trending especially on Facebook and twitter . if you a big fan of twitter , you might have noticed an interesting verbal fight between the twitter users from KENYA and GHANA.

Reading through most of the tweets , Ghanaians are trying to own supremacy whilst KENYANS are telling Ghanaians how dumped they are .

lets read some of the interesting tweets on social media

14th September ‏@Iam_Nathaniel 20h20 hours ago

The advantage of having a Kenyan as a friend is that you can rob your shoe on him if you can’t find your black polish.

Champ. ‏@___vaughan 20h20 hours ago

God didn’t create Kenyans with clay. He used loamy soil #KenyavsGhana

†hα ρяєѕѕцяє вцððћα ‏@Bra_Kevin_PB 20h20 hours ago

Kenyans are the main reason why samsung, apple n infinix keep improving their camera quality 😂😂😆 #KenyavsGhana

The TrailerJamShow
🚒 ‏@TrailerJamShow 22h22 hours ago

Ghana with the equalizer 😂😂😂🚚🚑🚌🔥😭😂🔥🔥 Kenya 1 – 1 Ghana #KenyaVsGhana

Johnstone Vusena™
💦 ‏@johnstonevusena 22h22 hours ago Kenya

When Ghanians Go back home after Visiting Kenya #KenyavsGhana



when a bag of rice arrives in Kenya




The Most BEAUTIFUL gal in KENYA #KenyavsGhana

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