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Exclusive Photos: Bibi Bright endorses Kalyppo brand, check out photos

Actress Bibi Bright

A picture of Nana Akufo-Addo drinking Ghanaian made fruit juice (Kalyppo) went viral on social media and sparked the #KalyppoChallenge, which saw many other people sharing pictures of themselves drinking Kalyppo. Weeks after the #KalyppoChallenge, Actress cum movie producer and leader of an initiative called “Compassion For Change”, Bibi Bright had an exclusive professional Photoshoot to endorse the Kalyppo brand, after her long silence in the #KalyppoChallenge. In the Photoshoot, Actress Bibi Bright was found drinking Kalyppo and had some on her shoulder.

Bibi Bright drinking Kalyppo
Bibi Bright holding Kalyppo

Bibi Bright who has thrown her support behind Akufo Addo of the NPP – New Patriotic Party stepped up her campaign for change agenda. The actress in a new project dubbed COMPASSION FOR CHANGE, is aimed at reaching out to Ghanaians to consider the current health service status of the country and vote NPP.

“In a hard economy people can’t afford quality health care even with the depreciating National Health insurance scheme so as a celebrity, the least she can do to support the Presidential candidateand NPP as a whole is by organising health screening and walks for all those who can’t afford and also motivate the youth to make the right choices in Life.”

She said.

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