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Final Year Students Of Kwabenya Senior High School Beat Tutor After WASSEC Exams For Being Strict In Invigilation

A trending video making rounds on the internet indicates how some final year of Kwabenya Senior High School beat a tutor after their WASSEC exams. 

It is alleged that, these students claim the tutor was strict on them during the invigilation so they teamed up after their last paper to beat up the tutor. We totally condemn this act, not only in Kwabenya Senior High School but in other schools which also happens there and we feel stakeholders in the education sector must take actions on these issues.

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Many a times when students are about to finish senior level education, they then start to destroy school properties or fight their teachers which is totally wrong. The question we are also asking is that, should the tutor allow them to copy themselves? 

Finishing your senior level education does not mean you have finished your entire education and when you start your life like this, you would one day land yourself in a big trouble

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Students must desist from this barbaric character of their’s because their parents took them to school to learn and acquire knowledge to become someone in future. Please watch the video below and share your opinions with us. Thank you. 


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