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Funny Enough! Kumi Guitar Calls Actress Zynnell Zuh ‘Bro’?

It it his birthday and obviously, there will be well wishers pouring in their kindest wishes to the celebrant but one that caught our attention is that from actress Zynnell Zuh and the response from the celebrant, Kumi Guitar.

Highlife singer Kumi Guitar in a response to a birthday wish on Instagram by his colleague Zylofon signed Actress Zynnell Zuh has referred to the beautiful actress as ‘Bro’ which is surprising by all standards.

Funny enough, but what could be the missing link? Could it be a typographical error or just an oversight? Or there’s more to it than just what it looks like?

Tell me, what could make the betweener hitmaker respond to a message from to a unique name and handle as popular as Zynnell Zuh as bro?

Well, Its amazing right?

By: William Lantei Lamptey

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