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Ghanaian fashion model runs away after arriving in Paris for a run way show

One must wonder if it is actually possible to change the narrative when it comes to taking a person out of poverty and rushing them to the top of the hill ill-prepared for success. An example is the case of the 2018 winner of Ghana’s Next Super Model event, Grace Ama Mensimah Amponsah who went missing a day after arriving in Paris where she had been billed to feature at 4 major shows in Monaco and the just concluded Cannes Film    Festival and then a follow up meeting with the worlds leading modeling agency Elite Models, in Paris


Grace was on a roller-coaster, after winning Ghana’s Next Super Model on the 28th December 2018, plans for 2019 has been been rolled out, she was to walk for fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York, London, Amsterdam and Istanbul as part of her contract with Ghana’s Next Super Model. She had already done shows in Nigeria,Ghana and Amsterdam with world class designers Diana Pinto,Smocky world and Kingsley Ushie ,Grace has already been flown to Portugal and Amsterdam to participate in the Internatonal Fashion weeks and the current trip was to solidify her status with modelling agencies in all the major fashion capitals. The GNSM organization now fears that her actions this may limit support of such agencies and the foreign embassies supporting models abroad. GNSM will release its official statement soon.

After her international shows, she returned to celebrity status in Ghana where she featured at Accra Fashion Week. Her career was on a roll until management while on a trip to paris stepped out of their rented apartment to buy water and Fruit Juice, only to return to a locked door. Later when they broke into the apartment worried about the safety of Grace, they found she had disappeared along with her passport and their investment in her.

Grace had thrown her career into the garbage heap along with her management’s investment in her career and the opportunities for many young aspiring Ghanaian models who will have a difficult time convincing model management to trust them and invest in their careers, it will also mean for those that have the opportunity to expand their careers abroad, the embassies will not trust them enough to grant them visas. In Nigeria models signed to major international labels and designers are invited to participate in the mainline international fashion shows are not getting visas to Europe where their careers will earn enormous rewards. It is far to say that Grace’s action will have dire consequences for Ghanaian models. The further question is, having run, will she become a top European model of another refugee?
After Grace’ disappearance management contacted the Paris police out of concern for the safety of their young 17 year model and saw her on CCTV as she ran away. Further investigation discovered that the plot to vanish in Paris was a scheme conceived by her family and planned even before her departure from Ghana. The plan was assisted by a Sarah Essien (Her Mother) who provided Grace the information on how to escape and link with family members already in France.
What was the plot and what was the reason for the Plot
Grace’s comes from a very poor background,her father and mother divorced long ago and was left to survive on her own or beg people for money before she can eat,Even though her father is a Taxi Driver and her mother a teacher,they never bothered about her welfare until she joined Ghana’s Next Super Model and Won.
After Grace won Ghana’s Next Super Model,everyone who knows her have seen massive transformation from her management which consists of Ghanaians,Nigerians and Americans respectively from the Sparkzuta international models Agency/Isis Models Africa
She was always on her phone from Ghana,making secretive phone calls and whatsapp text messages which was so unusual of her.

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