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Ghana’s Duaba Serwa Presents her Season 1 2021 Ready-to-wear Collection

Ghanaian designer, Duaba Serwa presents her transeasonal 2021 digital showcase, the ready-to-wear collection comes with a new sense of maturity, strenght and resilience. This is what the designer, Nelly Hagan Deegbe said about the collection, “this season we’re staying true to our brand.”

The classic lines, the intricate yet understated design elements and best of all, superior techniques in craftsmanship is the signature of this collection. The brand incorporated composites of the looks that established them as a power player in the fashion industry.

As a matter of fact, they infused additional design elements and sustainable practices within their fabric making and construction processes. Their garment this season was very special, because they created hand woven fabrics from a weaving community with strong and brave women in Burkina Faso. See the images below!

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