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His Excellency President Akufo-Addo Shares Update on Coronavirus Fight

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo shares with Ghanaians important update on the Coronavirus fight. Here’s the full text of the update. “Fellow Ghanaians, all of us should, as much as possible, desist from foreign travels, except the most critical ones until there’s a grip on the virus. Video conferencing facilities and other technological tools are to be utilized, whenever possible for international engagements. I have also instructed further enhancements of the protocols for in-bound traffic from already affected countries.

I have, as at yesterday, ordered a suspension of all international travels by public officials, except for critical assignments which will have to be authorized by the Chief of Stuff at the office of the president, all public officials are to remain within this jurisdiction, until further notice. In order to to do so, at my prompting, the Minister for Finance has made available the cedi equivalent of $100 million to enhance our coronavirus preparedness and response plan, that is to fund expansion of infrastructure, purchase of materials and equipments and public education.

It is imperative that we step up our preparedness to ensure that, beyond these initial, satisfactory measures, we adopt a ‘whole of Ghana’ approach in adequately preparing for a possible hit within our bothers. Our countries two main research institutions, the Noguchi Memorial Institute and Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research which have the capacity to investigate and confirm or otherwise suspected cases of coronsvirus infections have been very supportive in this regard. So far, they have found fifty-seven (57) suspected cases as of today, Wednesday, 11th March have proved negative.

Thus far our point of entry, such as our airport and land bothers continue to show satisfactory preparedness to screen all entrants into Ghana. The Ministry of Health has designated, a quarantine facility that can hold infected persons whilst regional hospitals are preparing isolation centres for holding suspected cases.

Fellow Ghanaians as you may have heard in the news, Burkina Faso our Northern neighbor has confirmed her first two (2) cases of Coronavirus infections. Togo to our east, has one (1) confirmed case. Several countries in Europe like Italy, where we have quite a large population of Ghanaians has as a results of surge in infections, escalated dramatically their response towards the outbreak. The continuous monitoring of the pandemic has revealed a number of significant developments which require that the nation be brought up to speed on some additional measures we have to take to shore up our response mechanism. The World Health Organization (WHO) has characterised it as a pandemic.

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