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Ghanaian singer, Nautica, has confessed being the kind of guy who used to mess up in relationships.

In his recent interview, Nautica who admits changing girls like that of a clothing line says despite the fun it was for him, has regretted being that kind of guy.

I used to change girls like every month because they were always throwing themselves at me. I don’t blame them because i always told and showed them what they want to have, and on top of that, my fresh look. I think Im matured now and realizing this, i shouldn’t have taken advantage of that.  Truth is, I met good girls, wifee materials and motivational ladies yet I didn’t see these good side in them because i thought i had a lot of ladies to choose from even if i should loose any. – Nautica stated

Ive regretted now because these ladies had what it takes to forever stay in my life but because they didnt experience that good side of love i have, they see me as an EVIL experience to date – Nautica added

Nautica believes a time will come when he will make it up to them because he is a changed young man now.

He also stated he will be releasing 2 new songs soon, including the much awaited Akakabensem.

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