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JOSEPH an African-Caribbean Film Premieres in Ghana on December 7

JOSEPH is an African-Caribbean film featuring actors from Ghana, Jamaica and Barbados. The Kevoy Burton is a successful Doctor from Jamaica working alongside Mawuli Gavor of Ghana. Christopher MacFarland of Jamaica (his dad), Alison Hinds of Barbados, and Shontelle Layne of Barbados (his sister). This drama sees the family torn apart between the Caribbean and Africa and the discoveries that ensue.

The new African-Caribbean drama premieres in Ghana on December 7, opens the Barbados Independent Film Festival on January 14th, premieres in Nigeria on January 19th, and releases January 24th in West Africa. Stay tuned for further release dates in Barbados and Jamaica, New York, London, Toronto and beyond. Please share this information with your family and friends and the diaspora worldwide. Stay tuned and see you at the cinemas.

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