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KSM endorsed Khemikal 👍👍👍👍👍

Daniel Selasi

​Daniel Selase seems to be having his fair share of cake in the industry after the godfather of Ghana Comedy, KSM, endorsed him as one of the best in the an event held at the Africa Regent Hotel.Daniel Selase, known in entertainment circles as Khemikal, was the host at KSM’s Saga of The Returnee Reloaded, held down the event on both days professionally. After the event, KSM, could not hide his joy as he introduced and officially endorsed Khemikal as on of the best MCs he’s ever met.Of course not the first time of hosting, Khemikal played host to the historic DKB’s Point of View show at the National Theatre where KSM was in attendance where he was wowed by his MCing skills. Before then, Khemikal has hosted several comedy shows across the country. He’s also performed on bigger platforms such as a Night of 1021 Laughs and Music and the just ended Pure Comedy 4 in Kumasi.“It’s a difficult thing to be host of Comedy Shows because in between each act, you got to keep the audience laughing, rekindling the spirit the previous act may have left behind of fanning the fire if the excitement is down. So it’s an honour to gain such recognition from KSM. I’m humbled.”, he disclosed after the event.The Prince of Primetime, Khemikal, would be bringing out a package specially prepared for Ghanaians. Watch out.
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