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Lawyer and Philantropist Sandra Ankobia Donated Massively to Osu Children’s Home

In the midst of the rising of Coronavirus cases in Ghana, Lawyer and Philantropist, Sandra Ankobia donated massively to Osu Children’s Home. She noted on her Instagram page, “I donated some items to the Osu Children’s Home today, I encourage everyone who can to help in any way they can”.

The massive donation include food items, toiletries and PPE’s to help ease the tension and reduce the pressure that COVID-19 has brought on the Children’s Home. The Ghanaian Lawyer and TV host has been directly involved in dealing with the issue of the Coronavirus scare by doing some breathtaking advertisments on Social Media and on TV to create awareness and enable others to take precautionary measures seriously.

As far she’s concerned, this donation would support what the government is already doing and give meaning to what other philanthropists are doing as well. ” In this COVID-19 era, things are being tough with everybody struggling. I just thought that it will be a good idea to come to the Osu Children’s Home and do a small donation just to help out” she said. See the images below!

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