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My Hairstyle Symbolizes Peace-Lily M.

As a concerned mother, I will use my music as a medium to preach peace to the whole nation, Ghana to be precise. At this crucial moment of elections, every woman should make it a point to be a promoter of peace; that should be our main obligation in this country.

An upcoming Afro pop musician, Lily M. emphatically accentuated the sole responsibility of women in this time of elections.

“Every woman should be a peace maker”

Lily M whose real name is Mavis Sintim-Aboagye.’  Born in Ghana in the Ashanti Region. Like many other singers, she begun singing in church and formed a band within the church.

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Lily M GhanaAccording to Lily, the peace of this nation rest on the shoulders of women , every woman has the power and the ability to convince a man; therefore, in this due time to elections, women should preach nothing but peace towards this general elections.

As women, we should have the realization that, we are peacemakers. Life is one most precious Gift, we have to at all means protect.

“it pains to loose a soul”; she ascended

She said,peace has rung in her memory for quiet a long time,  and as such  she did encouraged herself to write the song  “Strength of a woman”  to signify that even though we have different tribes and colors in Ghana just like her hair style, it should not lead us into treating others bad.

“We won’t hurt ourselves if we knew what life entails” she declared

Lily M ghanaRegardless of our tribe and culture, we have to know that, God is life hence, everyone should respect life and live peacefully, The basis and foundation of life itself is peace;She then encourages every Ghanaian to go and exercise their franchise come this December 7th in peace.

Her brand Lily M was launched on Friday 24-06-16 at the Coffee Shop in Labone. She looks forward to becoming a strong brand in the music industry while she propagates the love of life and respect for the dignity of life.

She used Homebase TV as a medium to invite everyone to her “women of peace concert” happening on the 3rd of December,2016. To help propagate peace in the country.



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