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We are losing our taste for African music- Lily M

The Strength of a woman Afro songstress ,Lily M in an interview with Vybez E news a Jamaican based entertainment radio has said Ghanaians are losing their taste for good music that brought sanity. Lily M said Ghanaians are now resorting and following blindly on what the youth call  ‘trending’

The African music we knew had always had the ability to inspire and motivate those who seek freedom and justice. The beat of our drums and the sanity of our lyrics had always served as a pulse for motivation, encouragement and good moral living .

But when we look at the today Ghanaians and Africans, the youth to be precise don’t take time to appreciate the good music.

Gone are the days of the great legends who preached morality through the African beats and drums as they perform, now we have become a clown to the Westerners.

“ It is high time we helped free our listeners and alleviate the youth by demanding our local music makers and artistes to end their ‘coonery’ music releases and start making music that uplifts and inspires the oppressed masses to resist.

Music is a powerful tool especially to Africans and we should preserve its authenticity and heritage as such-Lily M

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