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Fast growing artiste of Ghanaian decent with popular hit track “Rukia” has threatened to sue emerging sound engineer for reselling his beat to another recording artiste Luther.

The Afrobeat singer Larry Prince (formerly Larry Lizard) in an interview revealed how hurt he is to have heard his beat produced by Horrofix Umaga being used by the ‘Psalm 23’ artiste – Luther.

The beat under investigation according to OPM (Management of Larry Prince), Luther has recorded a song with title Physcial Education which features Screw Face. Jay O (team lead of OPM) disclosed that “the beat was initially created for OJ Blaq way back in 2014 when the producer, Horrofix Umaga worked together with him on a project.”

According to Jay O; “when the producer -Horrofix Umaga was working with OJ Blaq, he made the beat but OJ couldn’t record on it due to his illness and so he sold the beat to Larry on terms that OJ has stopped doing circular music”

“In 2016, we met Horrofix Umaga for him to create a beat that suit my artiste”

“He played to us several beats he had already made but the one we had the groove on, he said he initially created ‘this’ beat for OJ Blaq. We had a lengthy chat and we arrived at a figure after which he decided to sell the beat he initially created for OJ Blaq to us stating that OJ Blaq was not even interested in recording on the beat at that time since he fell sick”

“We’re in the studio trying to finish our record on the beat and we hear Luther has already released a song with our beat”

“When we asked the sound engineer why our beat is out there on another artiste’s song, he denied knowing anything about Luther having his beat but he confirms that the riddim on his Physical Education song which features Screw Face is his handy work”

“In several attempts to retrieve our money from the sound engineer which failed, we have decided to sue him for a better way of settling this issue”, Jay O concluded.

Meanwhile, the sound engineer, Umaga has confirmed that the beat which was initially created for OJ Blaq was supposed to feature Luther on a song until OJ’s sickness issue erupted.

“Luther had access to the beat because OJ was supposed to record a song with him until he fell sick”

“Even after OJ Blaq’s long silence after receiving the beat, I asked Pappy of 5 Five to take a turn on it but he also wanted to feature Luther on the same beat”

“It was then that Luther told Pappy the beat was his and that he was planning to feature OJ Blaq so he can’t put him on the record”

“I had a chat with Luther about the whole issue but he denied knowing me and questioned who I was to ask him why he used a certain beat for his song”

“I don’t know why OJ Blaq and Luther’s collaboration didn’t happen later but OJ told me he lost interest in circular music. “Knowing that Pappy wasn’t ready to use the beat since Luther kept insisting the beat was his, I finally decided to sell the beat to an artiste I felt could make good use of it, and Larry Prince was a good bidder, not knowing Luther had already used the beat without anybody’s notice and he gave credit to another NoJoke” Umaga narrated.

A call to Luther to confirm his side of the story hasn’t been successful.

Horrofix Umaga is known for producing song like; Yaa Pono’s ‘One Roll’, Tipgy – He Put Mi On, amongst others… More to come.



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