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There is heated tension between the Manyhia Palace and the Presidency, after news emerged that President Dramani Mahama, has impregnated the daughter of the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Impeccable sources at Manyhia have told the Catalyst that Ohema who, on 7th May 2016, tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Akwasi, returned from her honeymoon a few months pregnant.


Akwasi is said to have confronted Ohema, who dropped the bombshell that President Mahama was responsible for the pregnancy. She revealed that the pair had been involved in an affair, which led to the pregnancy. The marriage is said to have hit the rocks, with Ohema and Akwasi’s 3-month marriage all but over. Akwasi, who was said to be in tears, relayed the information to Otumfuo, in the aftermath of the honeymoon, and told the Asantehene that he could no longer continue with the marriage.


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This development has infuriated the Asantehene, who is is said to be livid and furious with President Mahama, and has cut ties with the Mahama family. Sources indicate that President Mahama initially tried to get his brother, Ibrahim, to take ownership of the pregnancy, but this fell flat after Ohema indicated to his father, the Asantehene that President Mahama was responsible for the pregnancy. Efforts by high ranking members of the National Democratic Congress and the Mahama family to plead on behalf of President Mahama have proved futile, as the Asantehene feels “used” and betrayed by President Mahama. “The Asantehene is angry. He treated John like his son and cannot believe he will go behind him to have an affair with his daughter, who was preparing to get married, and impregnate her. This is a slap in the face of Otumfuo, and has brought disgrace to Manhyia,” a source at Manhyia told the paper. Ohema, the source adds, has been relocated to Accra by Ibrahim Mahama, with the E&P man having purchased a million-dollar mansion for her, and is prepared to resettle her out of Accra to deliver her baby. First lady, Lordina Mahama, who has heard the news has moved out of her matrimonial home in protest at the numerous scandals and children fathered by President Mahama, out of wedlock. Lordina was only seen at the NDC’s campaign launch in Cape Coast to save the President’s face, as her absence would have caused irreparable damage to the fortunes of President Mahama. President Mahama, who is currently is Kenya, attending the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, went without Lordina, who is still out of the matrimonial home. More Anon Source: The Catalyst

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