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MEET DELLA$IE, the Fearless Afrobeat artist .

DELLA$IE is becoming a force in the international music and fashion world via her growing brand. She’s performed for tens of thousands this year — and she’s only just warming up. She is expanding her brand into philanthropy now by establishing an ambassadorship with the United Nations for 2019 on skin cancer in Africa and the Diaspora. This is what I mean when I say she is not just an artist — she is a FORCE. She has been working hard and gaining notoriety from the various projects she’s been doing with fortune 500 brands, and her unique sound and perspective on Afrobeats. The NYC-born Ghanaian beauty recently produced a compelling visual inspired by ‘BLACK PANTHER’ in tandem with YOUTUBE STUDIOS in New York City. The visual is called ‘CHOP LIFE’ — it was premiered on OKAY AFRICA. 

CHOP LIFE can be viewed here : 


DELLA$IE has a really impressive brand and resume. I’d like to share a bit more about her brand and her story with you… It’s quite compelling. Dellasie is a dedicated afro-futurist with a deep passion and mission of bringing pan-africanism, afrofuturism, and beauty diversity to the forefront of pop culture. She recently did a speech and performance at MICROSOFT NYC where she tackled these issues:

Besides working with outstanding brands like Microsoft, Okay Africa and Youtube, DELLA$IE is currently working with the U.N’s World Health Organization in creating an ambassadorship that will take her around the world speaking to youth and delegates on the rise of skin cancer due to skin bleaching. She has a very personal attachment and passion for the cause as her aunt passed as a result of skin cancer due to bleaching when DELLA$IE was a little girl… She established her own company earlier this year; PANALOVE, LLC. This company will be the platform of her music, her collaborations with other artists, her humanitarian efforts with the UN, and the social activations for her work that she will be hosting internationally.
She comes from a family of high achievers, so it’s no surprise that she has her sights on making a huge impact in the world. Her father is the renowned Dr. Kwaku Aning (former general-deputy of the United Nations). He’s spearheaded huge tech development projects in third world nations around the globe throughout his career. He’s quietly working with Bill Gates at the moment on some initiatives in the Middle East. And her uncle is his excellency Nana Akufuo-Addo, the current president of Ghana. His biggest initiative has been infrastructure and pushing Ghana forward as a leader in Africa in terms of tech solutions, manufacturing and socio-economics. 
As you can see — she is not just an artist but she is a visionary and an icon in the making… She was recently nominated for “Best New Act USA/GH” for the Ghana Entertainment Awards, she rocked out to a crowd of 20,000 at the 7th annual Jerk Fest as the first African artist in their history to perform. She went on to perform at the 65th annual United Nations Staff Ball, and was a keynote speaker at the African Forum during the UN’s UNGA week. In other words — this girl is on FIRE! lol! 
Below I’ve included some more relevant links to her brand, including some music and some press clips. 
[MUSIC SAMPLE] DIGITAL EP (war of wave vol 1) :

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