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All you need to know about the movie ‘Kabaatcha’, the strange spirit : Watch trailer

Ghanaian young filmmaker; Afotey Nii Odai is at it again. This time with a short film out of his comfort zone titled KABAATCHA – the strange spirit.

The film has a relatively large and a strong cast list. Thus, a blend of a veteran actor, an RTV personality and great upcoming acts. The casts include; Psalm Adjetey-fio, Jay Garbrah, Nana Affum Berima, Francis Adjei, Bless Fortune, Linda Tetteh, Sarah Dotteh among others.



How do you fight against the unseen, especially when you don’t even believe in their existence in the first place?

In a remote village, two detectives arrive from the city, fresh out of the training academy, to embark on an investigation – to prove the death of a stranger to the village was murder or otherwise. One detective is filled with misgivings and mistrust about the whole enterprise; the other is quite eager and optimistic, with the urge to prove himself.

Upon arrival, they face no antagonism from the villagers, who cooperate with them. The only complication, it seems, comes the quarters of the soothsayer. He’s quite adamant about the need for them to leave the village immediately and not to go ahead with their investigation.

The detectives ignore the soothsayer and proceed, only to later realize how steadily bizarre their investigation is turning out.

With bodies piling up and a cantankerous soothsayer at every turn, they are not in any way equipped for WHAT the true cause of the murders is. No amount of training could have possibly prepared them for the answer to their investigation.

KABAATCHA – THE STRANGE SPIRIT!!! Do not ask for help – no matter what.

The film is set to tour all the ten regions in Ghana within the course of the year starting with Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to the producers of the film, KABAATCHA is to gather new audience, entertain film lovers and also educate people on the existence of spirits.

Written and Directed by Afotey Nii Odai.

Cinematography was by Twinsdntbeg Snr of Swag Of Africa.

Below is a link to the trailer of the film. Enjoy!

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