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Few weeks after the Odo Dea single track hit so hard, it started taking over on Twitter trends hitting on a lot of impressions.

‘ODO DEA’  a song by Afro Songstress Lily M featuring Okyeame Kwame, is a song that whispers the cherishing  qualities and sweetness of being caught under the wings of love.

Okyeame Kwame also known as Mr. Lyricist over the weekend dropped the video to his already trending ‘Saucing Song’ featuring his very own daughter and son, Sante  and Sir.

With opportunities of trends open to Lily M’s Odo Dea, her song  grasps to the adult discernment of encouraging  long-lasting relationship and enjoying the sweetness that good relationship brings.

The song expresses true love and its fulfillment.  Lily M composed the song basing it on a true marital life experience and as such you would be thrilled with lyric contents such us ‘ Love is not about being loved but you loving the other’, ”  Love is sweet like Chocolate’, ‘love is sweet like Valentine’. etc

The Saucing video by Okyeame kwame has been sizzling hot on YouTube. Coupled with Lily M’s Odo Dea just as March is ending the trending Hashtags one could find on his Twitter trends include #Odo_dea #LilyM #OkyeameKwame #Saucing #OK

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