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The Official Relaunch of Ghanaian Luxury Fashion and Accessories Brands, Ophelia Crossland, Velma Accessories, Nineteen 57 by KOD and Ohemaa Kids Club in Osu, Accra

African inspired and authentic Ghanaian designers, Ophelia Crossland, Velma’s Accessories, Nineteen 57 by KOD and Ohemaa Kids Club have officially relaunched their flagship store at the Sarah’s Fabric Building, Osu Accra. This was on Thursday, 21st November 2019. My experience was amazing, the time was very eventful, by 5:00pm it …

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Accra Marriott Hotel Climaxed their Global Customer Appreciation Week with a Caribbean Cocktail Theme Party

Accra Marriott Hotel climaxed a week long celebration of their Global Customer Appreciation Week with a topnotch Caribbean Cocktail theme party to greatly appreciate their loyal customers. The Sales and Marketing Director of Accra Marriott Hotel, Noemi Delgado expressed her gratitude to the guests who ultimately made it a special …

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The Oxford University Africa Society Condemns the Voilent Treatment of a Ghanaian MPhil Student Ebenezer Azamati

The Oxford University Africa Society (AfriSoc) strongly condemns the violent, unjust, inhumane and shameful treatment of their member, Mr Ebenezer Azamati, a Ghanaian MPhil student in International Relations at St John’s College at the Unions Chambers by a Union staff on the evening of 17th October, 2019. No individual deserves …

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The Diaspora Dialogues Visionary Creator Koshie Mills Receives a Standing Ovation for her Groundbreaking Talk Show in Los Angeles

Hollywood Power Broker Creator and Executive Producer Koshe Mills presented a live audience taping of her groundbreaking cultural talk show series “The Diaspora Dialogues” Live on Friday, 1st November at the Califonia African American Meseum. The show and movement is designed to bridge the gap between Africans from Africa and …

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Homechow the Nation’s Leading Online and Mobile Food-Ordering Company has Expanded it’s Delivery Capabilities to Ashanti Region

As announced earlier, Homechow the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering-company has expanded it’s delivery capabilities to Ashanti Region beginning from Tuesday, 5th November. The expansion process started throughout 2019 and it’s part of Homechow plan to grow it’s delivery network to cover new regions of Ghana this year. …

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