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Ramzy Amui Narrates his detestable Ordeal Behind the Iron Bars

Imagine all you’ve wanted to become in life is a well celebrated star and having seen and experienced how being a celebrity feels like even at the peak of your career it will be a dream come true to see yourself get to the apex of your career.

But paint this picture, how would you feel when all you’ve dreamt about from childhood and laboured for, for years come crashing down in your face within a twinkle of an eye?

It feels like loosing it right? Yes I think so too!

According to common belief,after a person’s death there is judgement and one could either go to HEAVEN or HELL according to their deeds.

However, in the tragic story of William Ramzy Amui a budding music talent whose success story was cut short for allegedly involving in a robbery act best describes his stay in the prison setting as HELL on earth.

In an exclusive interview with Niilantei.com, Ramzy as he is popularly known narrates his ordeal said he felt sad when he was first imprisoned and knowing well he was innocent, he couldn’t do anything to help myself.

According to him the scene is nothing he would wish anybody in any day, a cell which is supposed to contain a maximum of ten persons is congested with fifty people making it difficult for some inmates to sleep at night whiles making both inmates and the officers unable to live there.

For him, the cause for such unprecedented congestion is as a result of the laws and the judges who most of the time do not go through cases thoroughly.

Again, some people do not even understand what pleading guilty or not guilty is and before a trail told by the officers to plead they are guilty with explanation which often a times leaves them unable to explain themselves and eventually end up behind bars.

When asked how he was able to survive for the past 10yrs under that hostile conditions he stated that, he cannot remember doing anything special in keeping himself healthy but it was the special grace of God that helped him.

Unfortunately, the story only gets worse as a prison of over 4,000 inmates had only a doctor who ironically calls himself “I SICK PASS YOU”.

One is left to only wonder, how a prison which is supposed to serve as a correctional institution serve it purpose.

Ramzy of the Stars of the future fame has ever since his acquittal release a single called “Asomdwee” and has dedicated his life to serving God and preaching the gospel.

BY: Adnan Osman

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