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READ: “Twerk It” Video Is Not Explicit” – Knii Lante

The man who’s given us so many soul and inspirational tunes, surprised all one morning with not only a danceable tune but a mind blowing one titled Twerk It.

Reasons for this has been detailed by the musician, Knii Lante that, “one can’t be serious all the time. You at least need something to cool off the stress and have a little fun. Though, I’ve been writing more of conscious and inspirational songs; I’m not tilted to a particular genre so anything can come up and Twerk It is no different.”

According to Knii, twerk has become like a dance genre now as ladies are seen on Facebook, twitter, clubs etc., twerking for both the good and bad reasons. He said, the dance can be seen like a culture which has come to stay unlike before when it was seen as vulgar. Its’ funny twist and turns inspired the release of Twerk It.

Assessing the response of the new song, the musician says it is picking up, which he is very much pleased with. “It’s been out for about two weeks now. Initially the response was quite slow but that was understandable due to the elections and Christmas celebrations which caused some few distractions. But after it, it’s picking up real fast”.

Surprisingly, Twerk It on Knii Lante’s part has not met much controversy even with its video. Knii says, he made sure the dances in the video, were not more of sexually explicit scenes but stable not to be compared to America’s Nikki Minaj’s. “The video was really toned down. In as much as we engage in fun, we don’t have to overdo it, especially in the culture and society we find ourselves in; we have to obey the norms,” he told Flex newspaper.

To a large extent he further said “I wouldn’t want to have someone or my child come ask me; daddy did you really do this? But truth be told, let’s not be hypocritical about this, we all have fun from time to time and even get a little naughty but my video was really toned down”.

Notwithstanding, 2017 seems broad for Knii Lante, as he has some international gigs coming through. His annual Reggae Celebrations will come off hopefully in the first quarter of the year but will be more spiced up with a list of about twenty to twenty five artistes on the bill. Again he has an album dropping by the end of the year but suspects it will be a bit reggae biased although there will be a mix of Afro pop like Twerk It adding up by virtue of inspiration.

Knii appreciated his fans for the utmost support they gave him throughout the whole of 2016, and promised them of a better 2017.
Download Twerk It on all download sites and get interactive with him across all platforms as kniilante

Check Out The Video Here:

Flex newspaper

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