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What is really going on between Ghanaian screen hottie Victoria Lebene Mekpah & Kofi Adjorlolo, is the wedding coming off or not?

Victoria Lebene Mekpah & Kofi Adjorlolo
For some time now the attention of most movie lovers and industry players have been focused keenly on the supposed wedding ceremony between two of the finest talents, Kofi Adjorlolo and his hottie fiancé Victoria Lebene Mekpah.

Many have questioned the compatibility and romantic bond between the two with age difference dominating and leading major discussions on social media and beyond. Though the two especially Lebene has come out on several occasions to defend and pledge her undying love, respect and support for the man. The on and off nature of the wedding ceremony is still pushing most people to bring back the issue, pointing fingers once again at the age gab as the main factor holding the two back.

There is a general believe that the young, charming and beautiful screen diva might be reconsidering her decision on the wedding even though she has come out to say; “We are still preparing. We have a little hitch here and there and that’s what we’re trying to sort out before we boldly come out to say yaay, finally we’re having something”, during an interview on Joy news recently.

But, the question on the lips of most Ghanaians is that, why do they keep pushing their wedding ceremony forward especially when they announced the ceremony was to take place in December only to swerve their fans by pushing the date to 2017.

Whatever be the case, we want to see a successful and beautiful wedding soon.


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