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Restaurants to enter Your Pocket-read to find out how

Hello Homechow App users,
In line with our commitment to providing an experience through the lifestyle of food, it’s only prudent our tagline falls in-line with the vision we have been building for Homechow food delivery app users.. The new tagline “ RESTAURANTS IN YOUR POCKET” speaks to this very drive to perfect and offer users more options across all areas of food lifestyle.

RESTAURANTS IN YOUR POCKET also speaks to the expansion of the Homechow food delivery App update to be released in the next coming weeks.

With the tag, “Good food is meant to be shared”, playing it’s role in our company’s growth and history, we believe that our new tagline must reflect our ongoing expansion.

With the former tagline encouraging customers to share good food from Homechow. The new tagline reflects a presentation of an expanded marketplace, where customers can access a variety of food from all their favorite restaurants and cultures in the country. We are creating a food experience users will love.

The updated Homechow App puts “Restaurants in your pocket”.

Emmanuel Oscar
(Brand/PR coordinator)

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