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Samria Bawumia replies John Mahama after an attack on her

Samira Bawumia
Okay Sir! Please be informed that, yes, a woman can be Intelligent! Yes, a woman can be Discerning! Yes, a woman can be Compassionate! And, yes, a woman can be Patriotic!  I take the privilege of serving the people of our country very seriously. Therefore, I will not relent in my modest efforts to champion the cause of the under-privileged, poor and needy in society.

That is why I’m fervently campaigning for a leader who appreciates and possesses Integrity, Competence, Honesty, Compassion, Selflessness and Good Judgment! 
I may not understand the technicalities involved in denying communities a basic and necessary amenity like water. But, I understand the power of conviction, competence and compassion to get things done.
The Yagbonwura has also complained about the lack of potable water for his people. Surely, we cannot begin to suggest that he too “can’t think far!” 
Let us respect the contribution of women to the development of our dear nation. It is dignifying.


Hajia Samira Bawumia

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  1. If this is really coming from Samira, then I will to tell her that we only respect the views of virtuous women of Ghana and not women who will sack their personal drivers because they were having an affair with their course mates at Gimpa. Samira should be very careful else videos will be leaked to these effect. She is our sister in Faith that is why we are quite. She should be warned for the last time.
    Hey fa. Samira. Hi hankali.

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