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“Some People Are Born Haters” – Gifty Anti

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has taken a swipe at detractors referring to such people as “born haters”.
“I have learned, understood and accepted that some people are born haters. Oh yes, they are unrepentant haters. They will even hate you, if you have a boil on your nose,” the vexed TV Presenter alleged.
The Stand Point Talk Show host indicated that, she has resolved to leave them to God, as nothing can be done about these perpetual haters.
She however admonished them to channel their negative energies into “something positive.”
“You see, as a struggling Christian, I have learnt that, one of the things that touches God’s heart is when you are happy for someone else’s success or breakthrough. When you are genuinely happy for someone’s success though you are struggling, tap into it; Thank God for that person’s blessings and pray that the Lord also grants your heart desire,” she said in her Instagram post.

“What have you gained from all these years of hating? Haven’t you noticed that the people you are hating on are still living, getting on with their lives, happy and being blessed?” Madam Gifty questioned.

She advised saboteurs to desist from such acts as “God doesn’t need their permission to bless or punish anyone” and encouraged them to turn the hating into blessings.

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