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Stonebwoy Finally Replies Prophet Nigel’s Death Prophecy

BET award winner, Stonebwoy, has finally opened up on Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s prophecy about his death in an exclusive interview with Berla Mundi.

The ‘Bawasaba’ crooner who spoke for about seven minutes was asked if he believed in prophecies to which he answered, “as long as he believes in God he believes in prophecies”.
He revealed that there were some ongoing behind-the-scene issues that got his wife to visit the church.Stonebwoy, however refused to share details of the so called “behind-the-scene issues”.

He said he had a lot of respect for men of God because of their unique positions as God’s anointed children.
The dancehall musician added that because he believed in God, when prophecies come, he pays attention to them because he takes same to be coming from God.

According to Stonebwoy, when prophecies of death are made public it puts fear in people and takes the concentration of the prophecy itself away and people begin to speculate.

“First and foremost, I respect men of God a lot because they are all God’s children; so as I believe in God, when such prophecies come I believe that I should also pay heed and pay attention just because I believe that it is coming from God and also trust that I will make an effort. That is how come you saw my wife in that situation although it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

“What I know is that prophecies such as death and the rest when publicly broken, prophecies of death and evil and such puts fear in people and causes more damage and takes away the concentration of what is meant to be done, that is the situation,” he said.
Stonebwoy told Berla Mundi that he was not scared when he heard the prophecy regarding his death because as humans, he knew we were all destined to die one day, except that no one knows when and how but if we are made to live in fear, it makes life difficult.

He said men of God should not put fear in people with their prophecies, especially those who use these prophecies for purposes of fame and not necessarily because God has revealed anything to them.

Readers will recall that sometime last month, the Founder and General Overseer of the True Word Fire Prophetic Ministry, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, revealed that dancehall act, Livingstone Etse Satekla, popularly known as Stonebwoy, would die next year before Easter.

Speaking during a church service, the self-acclaimed prophet who was ministering to the wife of the singer, Dr. Louisa Satekla, revealed that it was ‘scheduled’ for Stonebwoy to die in an accident.

The prophet added that the musician was being targeted by another musician who had ties with the Illuminati.

Speaking to the wife of the artiste, the prophet added that the plot to cut short the life of the ‘People Dey’ singer had been going on for a while but was always being foiled.

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