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The World Health Organisation (WHO) Shortlists Ghana Among 6 Countries Globally with Effective COVID-19 Management

The world Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Ghana as one of the few countries in the world with an effective COVID-19 pandemic management response.

According to WHO, Ghana was identified among countries with the most innovative and effective plan because of government’s response to the virus. WHO indicated that, Ghana deserved commendation for measures such as strict compliance with social distancing protocol and strict hygiene principles in fighting the virus.

This commendation, according to the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye was accorded to the country on May 7 2020, after he represented the Minister of Health in a meeting with WHO and the global community. Dr Okoe Boye expressed WHO was impressed with Ghana’s plan after it was presented to the global community in a virtual meeting through Webinar.

“I thank my Boss, the Honorable Minister of Health for giving me the opportunity to present Ghana’s COVID-19 situation. The presentation was made to the global community in Webinar that saw Ghana shortlisted as one of 6 countries chosen worldwide to present their inspiring management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ghana has been identified as one of the most innovative and effective at management of the virus”, Dr Okoe Boye expressed.

He added that, this commendation of the country has been possible because of your compliance to the social distancing protocols and strict hygiene regimens. Together we shall win the COVID-19. #stayhome #staysafe #thebattleisthelords


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