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The Association of Certified Makeup Artists,Ghana(ACMAG)officially launches on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 at the Ampomaah Hotel, East Legon.

The Association of Certified Makeup Artists Ghana (ACMAG) is the first Registered association of makeup artists in
Ghana; it is a Community of Beauty Professionals & Stakeholders fostering the future of Beauty, Standards, and
Education & Excellence in Ghana. ACMAG is going to be the apex and umbrella body of all makeup artists in Ghana,
whilst also being a member of the Cosmetology & Wellness Federation of Ghana (GCWF) that shall assist with
regulation within the Beauty Industry.
With the immense growth in the beauty industry and with more professionals branching out into makeup artistry, it
was clear that there was the need to create a networking platform for makeup professionals to meet on and forge
towards beneficial goals and agenda to contribute towards the growth of the Makeup Industry in Ghana. Hence, from
what started out as a platform to network and support each other, concrete plans were later made to cater to our
diverse needs as well as deficiencies in the industry. A few months later, ACMAG was formed.
By creating a forum of collaboration, idea exchange and growth, ACMAG’s main objective is to help its members and
the industry as a whole take empowered steps towards a more beautiful future. In everything we do, the ACMAG
community will be propelling the beauty industry forward. ACMAG is a member of the Cosmetology and Wellness
Federation of Ghana (GCWF) that has been mandated by the Gov. of Ghana to develop standards, regulations and
various certification levels for the industry.
ACMAG seeks to offer unparalleled access to industry influencers, educational seminars, making connections and
creating networking opportunities no one else can.
ACMAG seeks to bring all makeup artists in Ghana under one umbrella to work towards achieving set goals and
objectives as well as provide support for the betterment of all its members.
ACMAG seeks to offer membership to beauty and makeup brands in Ghana. We see this as a form of partnership that
comes with huge mutual benefits. This membership for brands is called an “Associate membership” and it is renewed
yearly at a fee.
ACMAG members will benefit immensely from industry driven seminars and trainings, professional discounts with
ACMAG endorsed makeup brands worldwide, insurance and financial advice, certification, networking events as well
as career-oriented opportunities.
These and more is why all practicing makeup artists, retailers, brands, media houses and production companies
irrespective of location are entreated to join ACMAG.
To apply for membership, visit our website, and fill in the membership forms. For more
information contact us on
Also follow us on our social media pages at acmaghana on Facebook, and @acma_ghana on Twitter, Instagram and


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