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Those Who Inspire Ghana

Those Who Inspire Company Limited has successfully published this Book in Oman, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Mexico, Lebanon and Bahrain. Currently, they are in Ghana to produce the book titled those who Inspire Ghana. According to the Secretary to the president, Nana Asante Bediatuo, the company believes in the president’s vision captured succinctly as follows. “We believe that Education is the is critical in building a cohesive and prosperous Ghana.

Our children and young people must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and uptitude that would enable them to compete with the best around the world. Every country which has made rapid and significant progress has placed education at the heart at of its development. We shall not forget that the Youth constitute our human capital for the transformational agenda of the country. Hence all efforts should be made to develop their talent for sustained growth”.

To put their purpose into perspective, the company seeks to address the following:

1. How to inspire the younger generation so that they pursue their dreams and believe in themselves.

2. How to give the younger generation local role models and mentors from their own country.

3. Convince the younger generations that everything is possible.

In actual fact, the company comes from a simple idea which is essential in today’s world. To motivate, to inspire and to connect the Youth. “Those Who Inspire Ghana” will portray a number of inspiring Ghanaians from all walks of life, equal amount of famous and unsung heroes, men and women who by their initiatives and actions give body to their dreams whilst contributing to the development of society, and inspiring people who contribute to make their country a better place.

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  1. This is a very laudable idea. Kudos to the team working o”at “Those who inspire Company Limited”.

  2. This is a very laudable idea. The youth need such support system and story telling is a powerful tool to awaken the spirit of others in their situation. Kudos to the team working at “Those who inspire Company Limited”.

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