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TryshaPatricia have penned an emotional tribute in relation to the recent suicide cases among female students on university campuses.

In the letter TryshaPatricia expressed their shock and deep sorrow for the sudden demise of the students of Kwame Nkrumah University Science Technology and University of Ghana respectively. They stated that suicide is never a solution to any problem and encouraged their peers to trust that God would see them through any pain or disappointments.

The twins are first year students of Lancaster university and have dedicated their talent acting to creating awareness and finding solutions to some societal problems. They already have a video in circulation which touches on the dangers on our motorways.

Read the full letter from TryshaPatricia below

*KNUST girl*

“My story started with my death. I blazed the ‘tertiary alleged suicide trail’ for this year. I came this far, and this was as far as I could get.”

She’s gone! Along with her, she carried all her dreams, ideals, and her future. We lost a prospective female engineer ,a future leader a valuable national resource. Left us all in shock and pain . Whatever the cause of death we may never know but it hurts . what can we do about this? #tryshapatriciaconcerned

*Legon Girl*

“I was next to follow suit. Nobody knew the enormity of my problems; perhaps I did a great job feigning a normal life. When push finally came to shove, I jumped”

Suicide, the say, is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Too bad I can’t stick around any longer.

Again! why oh why?how much pain and shock can we

Take? What can we do? #tryshapatriciaconcerned

Visit their website about-us/

Written by Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey


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