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TV hostess Ewurama shows off her new baby, reason why she was off-screen for a year

Motherhood is not an easy thing especially when you are a public figure, combining your role in public and family, making sure both parties are happy with the service you give them is a major headache for most TV personalities.

Being a mother takes more love and time to have that chemistry with your kids who need all the attention you give them to feel the warmth and care they deserve. Such was the case of Spotlite’s very own, Ewurama, she went off-screen for sometime and many were asking what might have contributed to her disappearing from screen activities.

She has calm the nerves of her fans by releasing fresh photos of her new baby, revealing that pregnancy and motherhood gave her no option than to be go off for sometime but as to whether she will come back anytime soon, she was not certain.

But, trust SwagofAfrica, we will give you all gist around her. STAY WITH US, see some photos below;


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