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Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing has lashed out at secular musicians who produce risque videos to accompany their songs and wishes TV stations in the country would stop airing such tasteless clips.

She believes a ban from the TV stations will discourage secular artistes who have resorted to profanity in their music clips to discontinue producing ‘unwholesome works’ which is wrong in the sight of God and lead people astray.
Although she did not mention any names, she said she has had the opportunity to watch some of them and they were very obscene.

“It seems vulgar video clips is the thing now. It is like the more indecent your music video, the more trendy you are.
“While some secular musicians do very good videos, it is common these days to see virtually nude young women gyrating obscenely in clips.

“There are no more decent music videos from most secular musicians these days and it seems people are okay with that. It is amazing to know that even some great musicians are also doing these ‘x-rated’ videos and I think it is very wrong”, she told Dr Who on Hot FM’s Hot & Classic Showbiz last Saturday.

Joyce Blessing, who one could deduce was beside herself with worry goes on to say “What are we teaching our young ones? What will the up and coming ones learn from their role models? We do not need dirty music videos.

“I will be very happy if TV stations will ban such suggestive video clips on our airwaves.  People can still do very good videos without being so raunchy and all”, she added.

Joyce Blessing was in the studio to promote her latest album, Agyebum which has songs such as Boot 4 Boot, Agyebum, Ancient of day, The Lord’s Prayer and Fa Hye Bebi.
According to her, the five- track album will take her places and win her some awards because a lot of work has gone into it.

Article Written By Kofi Duah

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