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Watch out for TwinsDntBeg on Adom TV for the Aben Show Hosted by Tima Kumkum

Catch TwinsDntBeg of Swag of Africa News live on Adom TV for the Aben Show this Saturday, 25th January 2020. The time is 5:00pm prompt. No excuses, it’s just on focus and tailor made for you. Hosted by Tima Kumkum, the Aben Show is brought to us by ONGA – “Mama’s Helping Hand”. The style images portray the affable twin Photographers, Samuel and Emmanuel in decorated ONGA Aprons, head coverings and dishes for what’s next up, in fact it’s only a few days ahead.

The dynamic duo are everywhere, due to their aesthetically appealing work in Ghana and Africa as a whole. They’re poised to show some amazing stuff, tune in to see how they demonstrate to most Ghanaian females how to cook good fufu with goat light soap. See the images below!

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