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Women Paid To Cry At Funerals in Ghana

LOL!!! I keep pinching myself just to stop laughing but this definitely is hilarious.
You might have heard of stories of the women who were hired by some families who have lost a loved one to cry at their funerals, well that is if you are Ghanaian.

The reason these families do that I can’t rightly tell but one thing certainly is for sure, it has fast become the norm in Ghana.

As one woman who has found a career in crying explains, ” some people don’t know how to cry, some people don’t know how to talk and cry when they lose their relatives “.
Ami Dokli, who was featured on a BBC report said, families hired them to cry at their funerals.
” They come and pick me to go to their funerals to cry for them”.
“Some funerals are very big funerals and some are normal, so we charge them when we see how big the funeral is”.

Interestingly, these women are widows who have come together to form a group which they call ” funeral Contractors” and they seem to be making a life out of it.

Ami Dokli believes that without them peoples funerals won’t be fun.


I heard a story of a “funeral contractor” who was crying bitterly but didn’t know if the person dead was a man or a woman,so she kept saying the name of a woman when in reality the one dead was a young man. LOL.

It’s amazing how these women are putting their tears to good use and if you happen to be Ghanaian, when next you’re drawing a budget for a funeral, be sure to add the service of the “funeral contracts’ because they at least will make the melancholic experience we feel at funerals lighter.

Story by:Adnan Osman

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