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Woodin Launches a New Brand Campaign

Woodin, Africa’s leader in fabric innovation, dynamism and style launches it’s first ever ground breaking campaign REP YOUR COLOR aimed at uniting people in their diversity. This campaign Seeks to unite people in a unique way, inspite of their different personalities, perspectives, preferences and cultures.

The REP YOUR COLOUR campaign is led by a personality quiz which is currently accessible on the Facebook page (@woodinfashion). Are you a Red Rebel, Bold and Fearless? Or a True Blue? Cool, Calm and Collected? Or a Gifted Green? Creative, Wild and Expressive? Or a member of the Gold Gang? Hyper, Lit and Spontaneous?

Let’s find out, visit the Woodin’s page on Facebook, take the quiz, share the results to your timeline and look forward to exclusive color-themed parties coming soon.

Rep Your Color, Join the Nation of Color!

Woodin, Le Crèateur

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